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The 2.5 liter 1jz-gte (280hp) was the succsessor to the 7m series in Japan. It was offered in JZA70 MK3 supra as well as the Soarer(lexus SC series here) and the Chaser. Possibly others, I don't know 100%. There are differences between the various verisons of the 1j. Some had tractions control, some had front sump oil pans, some center, some were twin turbo while the later ones where single and vvti. The later ones also had top feed injectors while the twin version uses side feed. You need a front sump pan for the swap into a 240.
To swap a 1jzgte into a 240, you will be best off buying a engine set from one of the various importors(check sticky in General section).Although the engine set won't have everything you need to do the swap, you'll at least know you have the ECU,Harness and accesorys,try and get the MAP sensor and igniter also. If you can only find an auto, and you want a manual you'll have a few choices. One is to buy a 1JZ bellhousing from the JZA70 manual supra. This will allow you to bolt a R-154 mk3 turbo tranny right up. You will also need the flywheel from the JZA70 as you cannot use the 7mgte.

Injector upgrades from the 2JZ for the 1JZ.
JDM 2JZGTE 440cc injectors ARE direct plug-and-play. while in closed loop, your ECU can compensate for the additional richness. however, while in open loop, the ECU doesnt use the O2 sensor feed back and relies on pre-programmed fuel tables which are engineered around 370cc injectors. so you WILL run richer during Open Loop operation using 440cc injectors. youd be better off using an SAFC to pull fuel out. the stock 1JZ has a tendency to run rich as it is... 440's will only compound the problem. USDM 2JZGTE 550's can work. you need to either use the 2JZGTE or 7M injector connectors, and/or file off the locator tabs on the 550's. youll also need to solder in the 2JZGTE resistor pack or 7M resistor pack onto the ground/negative side of the injector plugs.

1JZ timing belt options.
For a 1JZ timing belt:
The 1988+ Isuzu Trooper 4 cylinder 2.6 liter engine (4ZEL) uses the same belt as the Toyota 1JZ engine. So instead of getting a belt from Japan (~$100) you can pick up an Isuzu Trooper belt locally at an auto parts store for about $30 US. Make Sure You Get The 4 Cylinder 2.6 Litre Engine Belt!

Timing belt specs: 137 teeth, 25mm wide

links and other info

Error codes.

550cc inj upgrade and MAP sensor mod (increase the voltage)

1JZ parts #s and reference info.2JZ parts that can be used on the 1JZ

1JZ-GTE Engine Manual

All 1JZ-GTE exploded views

Important 1JZ-GTE Japanese TRM Manual Information

Alternate source


1JZ Swap Info

Identifying your 1JZ Rev. #1 or #2

1JZ Tech and parts info

Great parts refrence ----> http://www.1jzgte.com/tech/JZA70%20P...Reference.html

The intake valve stem seals are part number 90913-02123.

The exhaust valve stem seals are part number 90913-02088.

Front Crank Seal: 90311-46001
Rear Main Seal: 90311-90006

JDM 1JZGTE Part Numbers Provided by 935Motorsports
13568-49025 Timing Belt
13505-46020 Timing Belt Idler
13540-46012 Timing Belt Tensioner superceded by Part Number 13540-46030
90311-38041 Camshaft Seal
90916-02308 Serpentine Belt


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