R154 and W58 Differences

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R154 and W58 Differences

Post  Flicktitty on Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:39 pm

Differences in the R154 and the W58

Here is a picture of the beloved R154

These are pictures of the "dreaded" W58

Now you can tell the difference... for the bellhousing on the R154, you have a couple of clues. First off the 1JZ R154 bellhousing has a purple paint sprayed on the top of the bellhousing between the two upper bolt holes. This is only done on the 1JZ bells and not the 7M ones. Second the trannys sit differently between the two. If you stand the tranny up on its bellhousing, a 1JZ R154 will balance on the input shaft of the tranny and not sit flat. The 7M R154 Bellhousing will sit flat on the ground and will not balance on the input shaft. The 7M bellhousing is longer than the 1JZ one. It aslo does not have any paint on it. One little thing to look for too, is that most 7M bellhousings come with the ABS speed senor on the left side of the tranny. The 1JZ typically do not.

Well this should help you guys out when you are looking to get a R154 tranny, also one last thing, if you find a motor set that says 5spd but doesn't say what one, its most likely a W58. The importers also do not know the little differences of these two trannies and are easily confused as to which one it is... So beware before you buy!

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