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1JZ-GTE Wiring information

Post  Flicktitty on Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:00 pm

None of these wiring diagrams our mine, i have just compiled this information through various websites. use at your own risk.

JZX90 / JZZ30 1JZ-GTE Wiring Diagram (JAPANESE)


1JZ-GTE ECU pinout

This was found via Supramania by the poster "TYE-BO" This is also for the 1JZ-GTE VVT-i wiring.
I just got done with my 1JZ-GTE VVT-I harness, this wiring “how to” is based on that both harnesses are manual transmissions and my car is a pre-89 (yellow ECU plugs). My 1JZ harness had all of the body plugs cut off, so I’ll be basing the wire info on the body side by the wire color. My engine came out of a Chaser JXZ100, but the Mark II, and Cresta should share the same ECU, engine and harness. Use these instructions at your own discretion, and as a guide I have not installed this harness yet. I’m not to be held responsible if you wire it up wrong, or if anything happens based on these instructions.

First, I used these two links to get the ECU pin-outs and body plug pin-outs.


I didn’t have the TRAC ECU or the plugs, so I didn’t use any of the pins shown for the TRAC.
Most of the connections that need to be made to the ECU from the body go through the “G” and “H” connectors. I had a spare 7M harness and it made life very easy, if you have one pull the C1 connector and all the circuits that go with it. Mine was in good enough shape that I could use the entire circuit. This way of wiring retains the factory fuel pump relay (using mine to control 12v fuel pump relay for the Walbro), EFI relay, and Circuit Opening relay. It also eliminates cruise control, TEMS and the Super monitor. If you see anything that is incorrect or anything that I missed please let me know. I apologize that I don’t have any pictures of the connectors, but there are pictures in the links above.

Connector “G” – 28 pin

Pin 9 – IGSW -> B1 pin 16
Pin 12 – Used to enable the speed limiter, not necessary to connect
Pin 13 – CCO (Diagnostic connector)
Pin 14 – BATT -> C1 pin 1
Pin 21 – Defogger Idle up -> M1 pin 10
Pin 22 – B+ -> B1 pin 9
Pin 25 – Stop Lamp Switch -> 1L pin 10
Pin 28 – Head Light Idle up (Headlight idle up for 7M harness, unsure if it is the same for the 1JZ) -> B1 pin 19

Connector “H” – 16 pin

Pin 2 – MREL (EFI main relay coil positive) -> C1 pin 2
Pin 3 – MIL (check engine light) -> M1 pin 8
Pin 4 – FPR (Fuel pump relay) -> B1 pin 8
Pin 8 – FPU VSV
Pin 10 – FC (Circuit opening relay) -> B1 pin 6
Pin 13 – PRG VSV
Pin 14 – ABV VSV

Connector B1 – 22 pin

Pin 1 – A/C VSV
Pin 5 – FP Check connector -> Blue-Red (Not necessary depending on how your fuel pump is wired)
Pin 6 – FC (Circuit opening relay) -> H pin 10
Pin 8 – Fuel pump relay -> H pin 4
Pin 9 – Circuit opening relay power (Splice for Black-Red wires, power for ISCV, all VSVs, and B on the Diagnotsic connector)
Pin 12 – Starter (Splice off of this wire for connector J pin 13)
Pin 16 – IGSW -> G pin 9
Pin 17 – From IG2 spliced to Black-White wires, power for injectors, coils, igniter and etc.
Pin 18 – Theft deterrent horn
Pin 19 – Headlight Idle up (see note above)-> G pin 28

Connector “M1” – 10 pin

Pin 1 – Reverse lights -> Red-Blue wire
Pin 2 – Power to reverse light switch -> Red-Black wire
Pin 4 – Tachometer from Ignitor -> Green-Black
Pin 6 – Ground to Intake Manifold -> Brown
Pin 7 – Oil pressure sensor -> Pink
Pin 8 – MIL -> H pin 3
Pin 9 – Water Temp -> White-Green
Pin 10 – Defogger -> M1 pin 10

Happy Wiring!

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