2JZ-GTE MKIII Supra swap information.

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2JZ-GTE MKIII Supra swap information.

Post  Flicktitty on Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:47 pm

I got this thread from "eman2289" on supramania. Thank you for creating such a great thread.
I have compiled a list of everything that I have purchased in order to swap a 2JZGTE into my 88 mkiii with a 7MGTE and R-154. I have seen threads like this, but most of them are unorganized and there is info all over the place. I have decided to make one that is well organized, since I was having a little bit of trouble finding everything needed in order to complete this swap.

I will eventually update it to the point that part numbers, places to buy, and prices will be included. (maybe even pictures)


If the mods feel that this is redundant and decide to delete it, then ok, but I
think that this thread can be a valuable tool to everyone.

All info here is what I have learned through reading and asking others who have done the swap before. If anyone notices wrong info, please let me know right away and it will be fixed ASAP.

The firewall will need to be "beaten" back anywhere from 1/2" to 1 1/2" from what I have heard/read in order to keep the stock twins. I am going single, so i have not researched much into this subject.

All part numbers are courtesy of Curt at Elmhurst Toyota and my uncle who used to work at Hudson Toyota.

Here are some links that may also be of some help:
Keeping A/C and Power Steering:

Where to buy a motor:

Dealing with the harness:

Well, here is what I have so far.

-Motor - $2200 from jdmenginedepot.com
(it comes with uncut wiring harness, ecu, and ignitor. I was unaware so I purchased an ignitor)

-Wiring Harness - ~$490 Sent to Dr Tweak to mate the one from the 7M and the one from the 2J (+150 for priority service)(+200 because of missing/ broken plugs)

-J- Spec ECU - comes with motor but can be found in the classifieds. For the J-Spec ECU, m/t and a/t do not matter (from what I was told by Nick Stonawski)

-1J Bellhousing - $350 from Driftmotion.com

-1J Ignitor - $130 Driftmotion.com (comes with motor, but if the motor you order does not come with one, you can get one new)

-2J Engine Swap Brackets- $175 from Driftmotion.com (There are 2 different sets, 86-early 89 and late 89- 92)
This info was be found here under the 1989 category: http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58

-2J Throttle Cable- $65 from Driftmotion.com

-1J lightweight flywheel - $270 from Driftmotion.com
this link may be of some help: http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65797

-1J ARP flywheel bolts - $32 from Driftmotion.com

-Intercooler - $180 from Driftmotion.com

-1J oil pressure sender adapter – $20 from Driftmotion.com

-Pulley Set- $50 from Driftmotion.com
The reason for buying the pulley set is because the Aristos run a Hydrofan set-up and when you get rid of that and use a USDM water pump, the pulley is not the same. It is actually a bit smaller.

-Greddy BCC- $88 from titanmotorsports.com

- Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump w/ Install Kit- $131.17 from horsepowerfreaks.com

-Upper and Lower Oil pans w/ required bolts – From Elmhurst Toyota
12111-46052 Pan Upper List 358.79 Cost 273.94 X 1
12102-46031 Pan Lower 127.81 Cost 97.59 X 1
90430-12031 Drain Plug Gasket List .98 Cost .73 X 1
90341-12012 Drain Plug List 3.66 Cost 2.71 X 1
96721-24031 O Ring List 2.54 Cost 1.88 X 1
91512-b1055 Bolt List 1.18 Cost .87 X 6
91511-j0820 Bolt List .71 Cost .53 X 16
90116-06127 Stud List .71 Cost .53 X 4
90119-06624 Bolt List .80 Cost .59 X 23
90182-06257 Nut List .49 Cost .36 X 2
00295-00103 Fipg Pan Sealer List 12.78 Cost 9.36 X 2

-Oil pan baffle – 12121-46030 List 13.83 Cost 10.57 from Elmhurst Toyota

-Oil Pickup tube w/ gasket & bolts - from Elmhurst Toyota
15104-46030 List 48.93 Cost 37.36
90182-06005 Nut List .55 Cost .41 X 2
91621-60612 Bolt List .60 Cost .44 X 1
15147-ad010 Gasket List 2.40 Cost 1.77 X 1

-Water Pump w/ gasket- 16100-49846 List 161.70 Cost 123.46 from Elmhurst Toyota

-Timing Belt – 13568-49036 List 32.94 Cost 25.15 from Elmhurst Toyota

-Hydraulic Tensioner – 13540-46030 List 68.53 Cost 52.32 from Elmhurst Toyota

-Cam Shaft Seals – 90311-40020 List 6.80 Cost 5.19 Each (2 are needed) from Elmhurst Toyota

-Valve Cover Seals –
11213-46020 Gasket, List 13.69 Cost 10.45
11214-46011 Gasket, List 13.69 Cost 10.45 from Elmhurst Toyota

-MKIV Power Steering Reservoir- from Toyota
The MKIV one is not necessary, but I think it looks a lot better.

-Serpentine Belt- from Toyota

- Valve Cover Bolt washers- if needed (thanks tlo86) 90210-07001 X 16 $26.40

- Thermostat w/ Gasket - from Toyota

- Intercooler w/ custom piping-

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