JDM VS USDM 2JZGTE differences.

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JDM VS USDM 2JZGTE differences.

Post  Flicktitty on Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:57 pm

I know this will be common knowledge to alot on here already but it might cut down on some repetitive questions and awnsers later on in life.

So feel free to add what ever is differant on a JDM 2JZ compaired to a USDM 2JZ
Also add what stuff from a USDM 2JZ WON'T FIT ON A JDM 2JZ

- Different turbochargers (stainless steel for USDM models CT12A, ceramic for JDM models CT20)
- Camshafts
- Larger injectors (550 cc/min slow impedance, requires resistor pack for USDM model, 440 cc/min high impedance for JDM models )
- The USDM 2JZ has a EGR where as the JDM one does not. (JDM head can be drilled out and is already tapped for bolts!)
- The USDM 2JZ runs off afm/maf + map, where as the JDM one is map based, no afm
- The USDM Waterpump with back half need to replace the JDM water pump and housing.

also here is some info on the similarities of the motors....

Common parts between the 7M and 1JZ
- Clutch kits (but not flywheel)
- Cat back Exhausts (A70 chassis)
- 89+ motor mounts (rubber part)
- Anything trans (R154) related
- Anything gauge related
- Rad (if you're not using the 1J hydro fan setup)
- Driveshaft/Diff

Common parts between the 2JZ and 1JZ
- Power steering pump
- Alternator
- Spark plugs (ngk 3330 and 6097)
- US spec 550cc injectors (resistor pack needed)
- JDM Spec 440cc injectors (drop in upgrade)
- Water Pump (requires removal of the 1J hydro fan and a 2J pulley)
- Head gasket
- Clutch fan (if you use a MKIV water pump and pulley, JDM/USDM JZA80 water pump uses clutch fan not hydro)
- Serpentine belt (but NOT timing belt - see below)
- Oil filter and relocation kits
- Intercooler kits
- Plug coils
- Cam gears (incl aftermarket adjustable)
- JDM 2JZ Map sensor
- Ignitor
(edit: some more added info)
1) The rod and main bearings.
2) The head bolts, crank and rod bolts from stock or ARP either bolts or studs w/nuts.
3) The pistons including the wrist pins, wrings and locks.
4) The head gasket, stock or aftermarket.
5) stock side feed or after market side feed high ohm injectors. Low ohm injectors require wiring in the 7M or preferably 2JZ injector resistor pack.
6) Water pump and housing when replacing the hydro fan to electric or clutch fan.
7) Cams are normally not interchangeable with out some grinding on the 2JZ cam and having it spun balanced, HKS, Jun and Blitz all make 256, 264, and 272 cams for the 1JZ.
Cool Cam shims, springs, retainers, Valves and springs, along with buckets are interchangeable.
9) turbos are not directly interchangeable and require a degree of machining to swap out the 12As for 12b.

Pre 93 2jzgte's do not have a brake booster port and 93+ do but they are plugged with a bolt that can easily be removed (just incase you are unsure of the year) from aristo's. intake manifolds are also a different cast mold between usdm and jdm engines (just incase you are unsure where it is from) also traction control is written different between pre 93 aristo 2jz's, post 93 aristo 2jz's and jdm mkiv's and usdm mkiv throttle bodies.

The USDM engine brakets are different than JDM. (im talking the ones that have the 4 bolts that bolt to the block.)
i found out the hard way that USDM ones dont fit the tech 2 mount kit. the JDM ones are longer.

Remember if yo uare replaceing the alternator on your JZ, if you have a round alternator plug get an Alternator for a 92-95 SC300 2JZ GE its cheaper than a Supra Alt and has more than enough amps for you ride. If your motor has the oval plug, still 96+ SC300 2JZ GE will still be cheaper

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